Braga is situated at 20 minutes of Quinta do Freixieiro and you can take the train, rent a car, a taxi or take the intercity bus.

The town is at the heart of the famous region of Minho surrounded by mounts and forests. Braga is a major religious centre in the country, where you can find remarkable Baroque churches, amazing country houses of the 18th century, as well as a number of gardens and parks. Braga has grown immensely in the last years, but was able to remain faithful to its historical heritage while investing in the industry, the university, developing the commerce and the performing arts, night life and restoration of all sorts. These developments imprinted a modern life style to the town and a younger spirit for which Braga was awarded a distinction the European Capital of Youth, in 2013.

Not far from Braga you can easily have access to the beautiful beaches of the northern coast and the best can be found in the region of: Esposende, Ofir, Apúlia, Moledo or Afife.

This town is also known for its fantastic cuisine, the festivities and as a mandatory sleeping place for the pilgrims going to Fátima or Santiago de Compostela, in Spain.

Historical Centre and Surroundings
Night Life