The Minho region is known for the green luxurious landscape, abundance of water, biodiversity and natural beauty that can be appreciated mostly on the valleys of the four main rivers crossing the region and by the beautiful beaches on the coast.

What makes this place so unique is its landscape and cultural heritage, the vines, the corn fields, the villages built in granite stone, the traditional country houses, the fantastic hospitality, the rich cuisine and the long-lived traditions.

Minho is the largest wine region in the country, producing light wines, acidic and slightly sparkling wine, with a variety of flavours according to the different subregions (i. e. Monção, Lima, Basto, Cávado, Ave, Amarante, Baião, Sousa and Paiva).

These wines must be drank one or two years after bottling and though summer is the ideal season to taste them, they can be drunk at any time of the year.