The first records of the estate date back to 1720, when it was part of the Convent of St. Clare of Amarante.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Quinta do Freixieiro entered our family’s history by the hand of three ladies of high society living there and regarded with great respect, affection and esteem by the people. Back then, this country house had a foreman that worked and took care of the estate of Quinta de Freixieiro, where he, his wife and their daughter lived. They were known to be very honest and hardworking people.

In time, the three landladies became attached and very fond of the foreman’s daughter helping her in many ways – she was the great-grandmother of the present owner. Eventually, she inherited the estate having conquered the love and affection of the landladies. Since then and up to the present, this farmyard, is known as the motherhouse of Guardizela, village to which it belongs, as during hard times, dispensed not only food, but a loving shelter for those in need.

Since then we believe that the generosity and passion of all the past owners of the house moulded the spirit of this place whose mission is to care, entertain and cherish those that come to us.

The wine enters the story of the estate in the 70’s, when the famous Vinho Verde was first produced. Since then, it has been distinguished with several awards and has had a huge success.

In 2001, the family decided to refurbish the house, not forgetting the generations and the stories lived thereby. One of the main sponsors, for this restoration work, was the current owner that committed herself to keep the house just as it was, keeping all the rooms, recovering the gardens and decorating them, with great love and care, giving back its past splendour.
She was inspired by the stories heard, the photographs she has seen and her trips and adventures in her beloved India.

This country house of big dimensions has 6 suites, an attic, a yoga studio, 2 living rooms, a dining room and a big kitchen capable of catering for everyone that spends some time there. The gardens surrounding the house have an unique character, mysterious and romantic. They take us back in time making us believe that we are living in a fairy tale.

This is our “Quinta de Freixieiro”, the place where dreams begin.